How to date a bisexual

When you meet a bisexual friend or date couples on a couples dating site, you need to approach them. To approach a bisexual person, you must first learn to understand them. Here are six articles about how to understand them.

1、know many bisexuals have no gender bias. Even many people who finally got married will change their sexual orientation because their feelings change. When you start dating a bisexual person, be prepared to accept that they are attracted to another opposite sex. likewise, normal people or homosexuals are also attracted to the opposite sex. Remember, if this person goes out with you first, it's because they like you. Even if bisexuals like people of both sexes, it is not that they will like everyone. They have boundaries and standards, just like others. You don't ask him the question of whether he likes to have sex with men or women. if you are dating each other, you must think that what they like is " you".

2、It is part of their identity to respect the gender characteristics of the date object. It should be understood that most of the time they are one kind of person. it is precisely because of this that they have " double" sex. No matter who they were dating at the time, most bisexuals thought they were bisexual. If they are interacting with the opposite sex, they should not be treated as heterosexual, nor should they be treated as homosexual just because they are interacting with the same sex. Similarly, they are fond of friends of the opposite sex or of the same sex. you should not feel strange either. if you want to maintain your relationship with them, just accept them. Some people will separate their sexual orientation from their behavior. their sexual orientation is double, but their behavior ( at least for now ) is heterosexual or homosexual. This is normal, all within the normal range.

3、Bisexuality is not being " transformed." Not long ago, homosexuality was not accepted at all. as a result, many homosexuals claimed to be bisexual, resulting in some trouble. This is very bad for those who are actually bisexual. However, the actual situation should not be like this. although some people will change and gradually realize ( or let them realize ) that they are homosexual, others will find themselves truly bisexual. It is perfectly normal to worry that your object will eventually " change" into homosexual or " straight". There is this possibility, but it is not likely. Anyway, they like you now - that's the point.

4、Bisexuality does not mean " lasciviousness." Many people think that they are more likely to promiscuous than others. Homosexual groups ( bisexuals are getting closer to it ) are not well known for their indulgence. many of them do - many homosexuals and bisexuals go to bed casually. But there are countless common men and women who commit adultery anytime and anywhere. This phenomenon has little to do with people's sexual orientation, which is a matter of character. Homosexuals used to be shy of socializing. once they were made public, much of the time wasted by repressed desires could be made up for. After all, the new world has opened its doors to them - don't you want to enjoy it fully? But the world is changing ( thank god ) and people are becoming more and more tolerant. If promiscuity has little to do with sexual orientation, the old cliches will soon disappear. If he / she is a liar, their deception has nothing to do with sex. A man who understands human nature does not lie, whether he is bisexual or not.

5、Bisexuals are not indecisive, untrustworthy, and they are not confused either. Some people think that they just muddle along, do not really know themselves, or are immature, selfish and untrustworthy. These statements are all wrong. Bisexuals make choices just like heterosexuals, but there is more than one choice. It is absurd to say that one's sexual orientation determines one's character. Although some homosexuals use sexual orientation to identify themselves and cultivate their character, there are still many deeply rooted misconceptions about gender in society. You just like men or women or both men and women. it's just like a person with brown hair or two arms. it's good, isn't it?

6、They also want monogamy Bisexuality is attracted to people of both sexes, but it is not to say that they need to be both men and women at the same time. Like ordinary men and women or homosexuals, most bisexual men and women are willing to be monogamous. When talking about marriage, bisexuals will also marry people of either sex. If a woman marries a man, it does not mean that she is heterosexual. likewise, marrying a woman does not mean that she is homosexual. The object of their marriage is the one they love, the one they love, and they can have nothing to do with each other's gender.

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