Five misconceptions about bisexuality

In the United States, October is the " homosexual history month" and every year October 11 is the " national day of coming out". To celebrate these two scenes, BuzzFeed yelow recently interviewed several bisexuals to dispel people's misunderstanding and rumors about bisexuality. These rumors are not only groundless and incorrect; More importantly, they are extremely harmful. However, breaking the misunderstanding can help reduce the harm of rumors and stop spreading rumors, which is beneficial in the long run.

In the interview, people talked about their sexual orientation from several different angles - serious? Humorous? Optimistic? Or both? They use " I am bisexual, but I am not …" as the topic outline and fill in the blank space with the preconceptions people usually hold about bisexuals and bisexuals.

The first misunderstanding is the most common: " I am bisexual, but I am not confused. " it is very difficult for us to argue about this misunderstanding, but usually the implicit assumption is that everyone needs to" choose a gender " while bisexuals are in the waiting stage before they can completely identify themselves. However, in fact, bisexuals do not have inner confusion and there is no magic formula to force bisexuals to strongly favor a specific gender. Sexual attraction is a continuum. you don't have to be curved or straight. you just need to be yourself. " binary opposition" is constructed by society, while sexual attraction is highly subjective.

Here are five misconceptions about bisexuality.

Misconception 1: bisexuality is an " experiment."

People think that bisexuality is only an " experiment" to discover their identity and do not recognize their understanding of themselves. Actually, bisexuality does not mean that they have inner confusion or are " trying to understand themselves."

Misconception 2: bisexuality is a kind of " greed."

What is it like to be insatiable about love and desire? Isn't this what everyone is experiencing? If its existence is so common, how can you call bisexuality greedy?

Misconception 3: bisexuality is more likely to derail

Bisexuality does not mean that they are more likely to cheat and pursue other people. The definition of monogamy varies with couples, not with sexual orientation. If both sides agree to open a committed, one-to-one relationship, then it is ridiculous to assume that bisexual couples will not keep their promises.

Misconception 4: all bisexuals like promiscuity

Bisexuality does not mean that they have strong sexual desire for everyone anytime, anywhere. Similarly, bisexuality should not be automatically translated into " like 3p". Some bisexuals may like 3p, but others may not. It is not a good idea to think that all bisexuals are the same.

Misconception 5: bisexuality must have no religious beliefs

Bisexuality can of course have religious beliefs. There are absolutely no other things that sexual orientation can't decide. surprise me

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