Five Advice For Those Who Are Confused As Bisexuals

Many bisexuals do not become bisexuals with their partners or friends at the same time, so they often do not reveal their sexual orientation. They also have the idea of having sex with men and women, but they are worried that they will not be accepted by their own social circles.

When I say this, it actually means that you are no longer alone, because there is an interesting bisexual Community waiting for you.

So I have five advice for those bisexual who are struggling to come out:

1. Your bisexuality is only one stage of your life

Your identity will change with the change of time. for example, you may have been straight before, but now you have become bisexual, and now you are bisexual, then you may be completely straight in the future. Instead, the bisexuality label you have now will become an advantage recognized by the bisexuality community. Boldly admit it, because it is not permanent.

2. The bisexual community is developing rapidly

2.When you make up your mind to identify yourself, you will find so many bisexuals around you. Because most people think that a woman dating a man is straight, while a woman dating a woman is lesbian. But in fact, she may be as bisexual as you are.

3. Coming out is an experience of freeing yourself

If you're being approached as a "third", the implication is that the couple will remain primarily committed to each other, with you as an ongoing feature of their relationship.

4. Speak with confidence and pride

When you think you are bisexual, please speak " I am bisexual" boldly, confidently and proudly. the more confident you are, the more your friends can believe you and they can understand you more easily and quickly.

5. Bisexuality is a test and even a gift from god

What bisexuality feels at first may be a nightmare, but as time goes by, you will find that as a member of this group, you can see the world better. It tells us how to sympathize with the weak. It teaches us to support marginalized groups. More importantly, let us have closer ties with those people who love us. This is the best thing.

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