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  • How to date a bisexual

    Even many people who finally got married will change their sexual orientation because their feelings change. When you start dating a bisexual person, be prepared to accept that they are attracted to another opposite sex. likewise, normal people or homosexuals are also attracted to the opposite sex. read more>>

  • 8 tips about how to get along with bisexuality

    For now, bisexuality is a group that is not accepted by most people. Some bisexual people will feel inferior. So if you want to get along well with bisexuality, you have to go into their thoughts. Here are eight tips on how to get along with bisexuality. read more>>

  • Five misconceptions about bisexuality

    In the United States, October is the " homosexual history month" and every year October 11 is the " national day of coming out". To celebrate these two scenes, BuzzFeed yelow recently interviewed several bisexuals to dispel people's misunderstanding and rumors about bisexuality. These rumors are not only groundless and incorrect; More importantly, they are extremely harmful. However, breaking the misunderstanding can help reduce the harm of rumors and stop spreading rumors, which is beneficial in the long run. read more>>

  • Do you really understand bisexuality

    Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that is interested in both men and women. For some people, this may sound like a super ability - double romantic choice means double chance, right? However, bisexuality is a bit embarrassing. Bisexuals are not heterosexual, so it is hard to think that they belong to the majority in sexual orientation. read more>>

  • How to meet bisexual online

    Dating and meeting bisexual singles, bisexual couples and even casual sex partners has become quite easy with online meeting and dating sites. You can find sites specifically designed for dating while others are built for bisexual or any other category. read more>>

  • How to find a right bisexual woman

    For many people, finding a bisexual woman is very incomprehensible and absurd. although some studies show that this is a normal sexual orientation ( like heterosexual ), it is still not accepted by most people. This leads to a very important question, that is, how to find a bisexual woman conveniently and quickly. read more>>

  • I am a bisexual man

    I made my first girlfriend in grade one of high school. She is a very bright and sunny girl who loves sports and full of passion. Holding her hand for the first time, touching her body for the first time, kissing her for the first time, so many first times now I think I still can't be calm. She is always full of vitality, always likes always likes laughing, shy but not coy, naive but not naive. We play together like friends, study together, and exercise together. read more>>

  • 8 tips to avoid meeting fraudsters in bisexual dating

    Due to the secrecy and rapidity of online dating, many people begin to accept online dating, including some relatively special people - bisexuality. It is very difficult for a bisexual or couple to find their own partners without online. however, through the couple dating website or bisexual dating website, bisexual women or couples can easily dating couples, bisexual women, men, single and divorced people. However, there is no denying that bisexuality dating websites will also be used by some fraudsters. How can you avoid being cheated in the process of dating? This article will provide you with the tips you need to avoid bisexuality dating website fraudsters. read more>>

  • Why to Avoid Joining The Free Bi-couples Dating Site

    Are you eager to find a perfect date on the bisexual couples dating website? Are you still in a dilemma as to how to find a suitable dating website for bisexual couples? Reading this review website, you will definitely find a platform you want. But what I'm going to tell you today is why we should join a site for paid bisexual couples dating instead of being completely more>>

  • Top 5 bisexual dating sites that you must know

    Bisexual dating site is a platform that provides a comfortable environment for bisexuals to relax and make friends. People here can usually find many open-minded bisexual single men and women or couples. They can look for serious relationships, and they can also look for short-term contacts. It all depends on your own more>>

  • Want to improve the relationship between couples? Try threesome once

    After many years of marriage, do you feel that marriage life is becoming more and more boring and less emotional? At the beginning, did you plan a long trip together, which was shelved because of the retreat of passion? If you are in this situation, then you really need some changes to promote the change of your more>>

  • How to Write a Good Personal Profile

    It is quite important and difficult to write a good personal profile for meeting bisexuals or dating couples on the bisexual dating site, because the most direct way for others to know you on the bisexual dating website is through your personal profile. A good and attractive personal profile will immediately grab the reader's attention and increase the success rate of more>>

  • 6 online dating tips to help you attract interesting people

    It's not difficult to attract people when dating online, but to attract people you are really interested in still needs to do some work. The good news is that once you know what to do, it will be much easier than you more>>

  • How to Plan a Bisexual Dating for Threesome

    "Preparation brings about an expectation" shows anything that is not planned will be difficult. If you want to have a nice threesome dating and leave a good memory on couples dating sites, you must make an appropriate plan. Because this threesome is not your own activity, but three people together. Well, if you find yourself in vain and want to have a threesome dating with other bi-curious, then this article is a perfect guide that will lead you. Let's start by dividing the process of dating into before the act, during the act and after the act. Your plan should also be developed in this more>>

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