why is bisexuality dating so difficult? five reasons to tell you

Many bisexuals feel very confused when they date with other bisexuals and deal with their interpersonal relationships. They don't know how to date couples or a bisexual single.

Since we were born, society has told us to find a partner and live a happy life from then on. However, this is not as beautiful as the fairy tale. it is not so easy for heterosexuals, let alone bisexuals who face more challenges.

Well, why is dating so difficult?

1. our dating circle is relatively small.

According to a Williams research institute survey, bisexuals make up less than 2 % of the population. What does this mean? There is very little chance that we can find people who understand our sexual orientation. If you consider the geographical factors, it will be even more difficult to find a date.

2. we limit the conditions of the person who we want to date to almost impossible.

Many of us have made a list of the personal qualities that the people who I want to date must possess.Although to a certain extent this is to be able to find people who have the same values of their outlook on life, our communities seem to be more likely to discriminate against anyone who does not meet the requirements of the surface, which further restricts our dating circles.

3. our mental health problems are worse than heterosexuality.

According to the American Psychological Association and numerous other studies that support these findings, LGBT individuals tend to suffer from more mental illness and chemical dependency issues than the rest of the population.

This likely stems from being a marginalized group that is discriminated against, which leads to issues with low self-esteem. It further contributing to the potential for substance abuse problems.

Obviously, some of the unhealthy psychological problems of bisexuality and the need for drugs make our dating prospects even more bleak.

4. The culture of cyber love breaks the traditional courtship process

For bisexuals, the lack of education in dating and relationship management makes it difficult to find a compatible partner. In the context of the prevalence of cyber culture, we are more concerned about the date itself rather than the long-term maintenance of the relationship, which is very difficult for the bisexuality that longs for long-term stability. We habitually take sex as the leading factor and get rid of the way of getting along with the heart. It may ultimately destroy a great relationship.

5.We are afraid of approaching and talking face to face

The survey shows that most bisexuality is not willing to communicate face-to-face in the beginning, and they rely on online bisexual dating sites, more likely to communicate behind the scenes through SMS or mail, which reduces our face-to-face social ability to socialize.

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