8 tips about how to get along with bisexuality

For now, bisexuality is a group that is not accepted by most people. Some bisexual people will feel inferior. So if you want to get along well with bisexuality, you have to go into their thoughts. Here are eight tips on how to get along with bisexuality. If you do this well, you can easily date couples or bisexual singles.

1, Bisexual and heterosexual communication, need each other to accept their sexual orientation. Don't ignore this problem and don't be afraid of anything.

2. Don't be too wary of them - this will make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Treat them like ordinary people. don't avoid some topics just because they are bisexual.

3. Remember, for bisexuality, sex is as common as the color of hair in an attractive relationship. They will like men or women, which is no stranger or more dangerous than ( assuming ) that you like blond hair and brown hair. But the result is not necessarily satisfactory to both of you.

4. If you associate with bisexuality just because of sex, then give up before you start with a possible relationship.

5. A bisexual person may have some doubts about whether you can like people of both sexes. This is not to say that you cannot " resonate" with homosexuals or heterosexuals.

6. Bisexuality wants to have a " certain" different relationship with people of the same sex, while it is another relationship with other people. ( for example: long-term maintenance of a child with a person of the same sex, and short-term physical relationship with another person. ) this situation has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

7. Most bisexuals position themselves as a cross-gender group. Some bisexuals don't think they belong to " any one" of lesbian, gay or heterosexual groups. they think they should have their own independent group. Some bisexuals feel that they cannot integrate with lesbian, gay or heterosexual groups and feel very vulnerable. Bisexuals do not " fail to understand" their sexual identity, but only know which group they are " suitable" for.

8. Don't think that because they are bisexual, they will definitely be easier to make choices, or they will not be able to understand the troubles of homosexuality in heterosexual society - they may not be ready to enter into a long-term heterosexual relationship. Bisexuality cannot make itself heterosexual, nor can it be denied that they are homosexual. When they arrive at someone they like or someone they love, they will know how to choose like others.

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